Sharing the HOPE in my heart with my words and my art.


With nature as my muse
and creativity as my fuel,
hope from earth is my
co-creation with her to
spread hope, light, and
love to the world.

My name is Hope. I’m a full-time caregiver for my husband, Steve, who has been championing through the challenges of ALS for these past 7 years. I quit my job as a masters level therapist to take care of him around the clock, and have through the process discovered whole other dimensions of myself. I now reconnect with nature like I once did as a child. Finding joy, inspiration, and medicine from my time spent outside in our backyard during our intense years of not leaving the house, I have been reminded time and time again that I need to be a champion of our Momma Earth. The more I have have become connected with her and studied her ways, the more I have been opened to knowing how I want to treat our planet. It shifted my art, my eating, my habits, and developed a passion for gardening and herbal medicine. I had always felt pulled to share pieces of my heart but it took my husband getting diagnosed with ALS to help me learn which direction to go. I'm now so very grateful to be here with you all to share our journey through my blog, art, and soon to be medicine.  I appreciate you al so very much and the support we receive as it continues to carry us through living life with ALS. Know when you buy my products, you aren't just supporting a small business and the planet, but also a love story! Thank you. 


Please also visit HopeforSteve.com to learn more about my husband, Steve Dezember, and his life with ALS.

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Due to my inability to leave Steve, orders will be shipped one day a week. Depending upon day order is placed expect 1 week shipping time. No custom orders at this time, as Steve's care times vary vastly based on how he is doing in this moment, so with the time I do get to myself, I re-energize with creating in the flow. All sales are final.