With nature as my muse & creativity as my fuel, Hopie Hippie is my earthly creation to spread hope, light & love to the world.


Caring for my husband for 5 years as he champions against ALS, creativity has become my fuel.  What started with creative ways to provide care & entertainment throughout the course of progression spilled over into creating a sacred space with our home to now painting, weaving, & malas.  Every new complication ALS presented us with has brought me more to the present.  Living fully in the moment with intent, has followed me to my creations.  Meditating as I make each piece, I hope they bring the same light, peace, & love to those purchasing as they do as I make them.  Drawing inspiration from Mother Earth herself, I incorporate gifts from nature in most creations and the flowers and trees are my muses.  Selling these helps me be able to provide natural medicine for both Steve & myself to continue this journey, as well as survive a world with a failing medical system.


Please also visit HopeforSteve.com to learn more about my husband, Steve Dezember, and his life with ALS.

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